Elemental Land is a land including Elemental Plants and Zombies made by me or other users.

Appearence Edit

Elemental Land is a day level with lava, bits of rock, a lake. You can't plant on the lake and lava. Only water plants can be planted on the lake and only fire plants can be planted on lava.


after ?-10: Water Pea

?-1: Aqua-Pult

?-2: ?

?-3: ?

?-4: ?

?-5: Fire Pea

?-6: Firey-Pult

?-7: ?

?-8: ? 

?-9: Nothing


after ?-10: Fire Zombie

?-2: ?

?-5: ?

?-7: ?

?-9: Boss of the Elementals


This is not finished.

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