On source (mobile) mode:

Heading 2

Put the title with 2 ='s on each side.

Heading 3

Put the title with 3 ='s on each side.

Heading 4

Put the title with 4 ='s on each side


Do this: Link Title|Text to display in [[]]. If you want the page to look the same, don't do the |Text to display part.


Put: font color="name of color" in <>. To stop the color, directly after the word you want to be the last word in that color, put: </font>

Text Features (not colors)


Put your text with 3 apostrophes on each side.


Do the same thing you would do with bold, but with 2 apostrophes.

Bold Italics

Put your text with 5 apostrophes on each side.




|Row 1 title =

|Row 1 info =

And so on. Put it in {{}}

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