Created by PSY, pic by Gubump.


6 ndb.

Firing Speed:



Depends on projectile.


Depends on projectile.







Upgrades to:


Pieshooter can shoot many types of deadly pies. He may even shoot a poisoned pie, which deals 25nds per 10 seconds.



Pie- Does 1nds damage.

Apple pie- Does 2nds.

Berry pie- Does 3nds.


Pecan pie- It's projectile will split into 5, and they will all do 5nds.

Blueberry pie- Deals 5 nds, and after it hits a zombie, it becomes a glob on the ground that stalls zombies that walk on it.

Peanut butter pie- Deals 4 nds, and makes the zombie's bite damage do 1/2 ndb, as well as making the zombie slower.


Pumpkin pie- Puts all of the plants that it crosses in a pumpkin.

Chess Pie- Splits into an x formation in the air, and each of those bullets does 1IK.

Rhu-barb pie- Deals 10 nds. When it hits a zombie, the 5 toughest zombies on the screen get barbs on them, making them 2x slower, and take 3 nds per second.

Very RareEdit

Sugar pie- Makes the zombie it hits move/bite 2x faster, but takes 5 damage per each bite.

Cherry pie- Explodes in a 3x3 radius, dealing 1 IK.

Extremely RareEdit

Poisoned pie- Does 25nds per 10 seconds to the zombie it hits.

Lemon pie- Deals 10 nds per 5 secs. to the zombie that it hits.

Uber RareEdit

Rotten Pie- Deals 10 nds and 5 splash instantly, and then deals 15 nds per 5 seconds and 8 nds per 5 seconds splash. It also diverts the zombies it hits to a random lane.


Almanac EntryEdit

Damage: depends on the projectile

Health: 10ndbs

Firing Speed: 1x

Pieshooter used to work in a Bakery called "Bakery Plant". It was made for plants but it was so famous even the humans used it but none of them ever knew that the baker is a Plant. One day, the Zombies attacked and turned all humans to Zombies and turned Plants to Zombotany Zombies. Pieshooter was the only one who escaped. Next day, he had a new job, protecting someone's lawn from Zombies!

Recharge: Medium

Cost: 500 sun

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