Rock Zombie

Health For Main Zombie:

50 nds

Health For Mini-Versions #1:

30 nds

Health For Mini-Versions #2:

15 nds


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Cost In I, Zombie Mode:


Cost In I, Zombotany Mode:


Cost In I, ZomNOTany Mode:

750 Sun

Cost In Versus Mode:


Cost In Zombie Mode:


Created By:


Too many parameters

Rock ZombieEdit

Rock Zombie is a ZomNOTany zombie. Instead of having a regular zombie head, the head is that of a Rock. It squashes the first non-plant that it sees. After that, it sends out 5 miniature versions of itself. In 30 seconds, the mini-versions send out 3 small copies of themselves. The zombie itself takes 50 nds, the first mini-versions take 30 nds, and finally, the second mini-versions take 15.


Zombie #1Edit


Absorbs 50 nds. Appearance changes after absorbtion of 10 (Rock head gets dented), 20 (Rock head gets dented again), 25 (Arm falls off), 30 (Rock head gets dented again),40 (Rock head gets dented yet another time), and 45 (Head falls off. Cannot send out mini-versions of itself after this point), before dying after 50 nds.

Instant killsEdit

Absorbs 1IK. Dies after absorbtion of 1IK.

Mini-Versions #1Edit

Absorbs 30 nds. Appearance changes after absorbtion of 10 (Head gets dented), 15 (Arm falls off), and 20 (Head gets dented again), before dying after absorbttion of 30 nds.

Mini-Versions #2Edit

Absorbs 15 nds. Appearance changes after absorbtion of 5 (Head gets dented), 7 (Arm falls off), and 10 (Head gets dented again), before dying after 15 nds.


  • This is the first ZomNOTany zombie in this wikia.
  • This zombie may be even worse than Plasmawing.

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