Hai there! This is the first installment in the Awesome Quiz series. Answer, or try to answer, the questions.


Extinct Animals

1. What is the Dodo Bird's closest living relative?

A= Pigeon

B= Owl

C= Hawk

D= Pitohui

2. What reptile was the ancestor of the dinosaurs?

A= Euparcaria

B= Lystrosaurus

C= Gorgonopsid

D= Thenisophalya

3. What is the name for the burrower that lived in the Pangean desert 2 periods before the Triassic?

A= Scutosaurus

B= Gasmatosaur

C= Diictodon

D= Petrolacosaurus

4. What is the name for the largest land aurthropod?

A= Mesathaela

B= Aurthroplura

C= Meganura

D= Pterygotis


The Periodic Table of the Elements

1. How many elements were on the original Periodic Table? How many are there today?

A= 50; 119

B= 63; 120

C= 65; 200

D= 63; 118

2. What 2 element's most common form break the rules of radioactivity?

A= Carbon and Oxygen

B= Technetium and Promethium

C= Carbon and Uranium

D= Ununoctium and Iodine

3. Who invented it, and in what year?

A= Dimitri Mendeleev in 1863

B= Albert Einstein in 1904

C= Steven Hawking in 1959

D= Edwin Hubble in 1929

Atoms & Subatomic Particles

1. What are the 4 essential forces in the universe, and what are their carrier particles?

A= Strong Nuclear Force/Gluon

Friction/Beta Particle


Inertia/Alpha Particle




Balanced and Unbalanced Forces/Quark



Weak Nuclear Force/W+, W-, and Z Particles



Strong Nuclear Force/Gluon




Unbalanced and Balanced Forces/Gluon


2. What are all of the parts in the spectrum of light in order from lowest to highest frequency?

A= Gamma Ray/X-Ray/Ultraviolet/Visible/Infared/Microwave/Radio Wave

B= Red/Orange/Yellow/Green/Blue/Indigo/Violet

C= Violet/Indigo/Blue/Green/Yellow/Orange/Red

D= Radio Wave/Microwave/Infared/Visible/Ultraviolet/X-Ray/Gamma Ray


Diseases and Medicines

1. What medicine is used to treat malaria?

A= Digitalis

B= Morphine

C= Quinine


2. What are the 2 worst viral diseases?

A= AIDS and Rabies

B= Ebola and Whooping Cough

C= Cholera and Leprosy

D= TB (Tuberculosis) and Diabetes

3. What mild disease is used in the smallpox vaccine?

A= Chickenpox

B= Cowpox

C= Roosterpox

D= Killed Lugharics Disease germs

4. What is the #1 pain killer ever?

A= Morphine

B= Quinine

C= Digitalis


The Human Body

1. What is the true name for the blood system?

A= The Cardiac system

B= The heart system

C= The blood system

D= The cardiovascular system

More Coming Soon!!


Cartoonmaster1390 with 4 points. (Answered questions: Chemistry 1, 2, 3, and A&SP 2)

MysticWind with 2 points. (Answered questions: Extinct Animals 1 and A&SP 2)

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