These are rap battles between pages in this wikia.

Rap Battle #1: Bomber Rock VS.: Candy Blockade Zombie

Bomber Rock 1

I am the leader!

You got your brains eaten.

I killed many zombies

And surely you will get beaten!

You went on a rampage.

You thought you could not be stopped

Until my C-Bomb

Got dropped.

If you lose,

You throw a fit.

You are a little baby,

Always getting hit.


What are you talkin' 'bout?

You will win (I dbout!)

If you win, that means you can rap.

Nothing good, I mean for that.

You will get killed.

You win, and you get billed.

Many fans coming for ye.

They'll even invade your privacy.

Why don't you just give up?

Or at least get your mouth shut!

You're just full of poo.

Letting Cherry Bombs do your work for you.

And I thought Dave was crazy!

But you are just plain lazy!

Bomber Rock 2

You know that you will lose

And you want me to quit

You will get killed

I am sure of it!

You couldn't beat me!

I am so blazing hot.

Filling up with lava

Inside of my rock!


You act like you are precious.

Like you're made of Jade!

But you are to scared to get killed,

So you send out a Blockade!

If you are lucky,

Which you're not.

You will almost die,

'Coz you're just a mutated Rock!

Who won?

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Rap Battle #2: Nuker VS.: Rock Zombie

Nuker 1

Nobody beats me!

Especially at my own game

And you're no exception,

Because you are lame!

Everyone that tries

Ends up about to puke.

If they're lucky that is,

Even if I miss with my nuke!

If you're a miracle worker,

Then you will win

'Coz I will throw you

Into the Garbage Bin

Even though I am 1,

And you are 16,

I'll beat you, and

Your minis!

Rock Zombie 1

Like that'll happen.

You can't even win

I'm not even trying,

And you're In the Garbage Bin.

You are a loser,

Everything you do is an epic fail!

In any type of precipitation:

Rain, snow, sleet, and hail!

You shoot nukes,

But you didn't make them!

You got them from Reactor,

Who's real name was Jim!

Reactor 1

What did you just say!?!?!

Nuker 2

You offended my friend,

And I will get you for that.

Right after you

Change your pants!

You will need to

Hey, is that #1 or #2?

Who Won?

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Rock Zombie: